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The P3X from Discmania is an overstable putter. It only comes in the S-Line plastic because it is meant to be used as a driving putter. A disc you throw off the tee on those shorter holes where you need the disc to sit where it lands. The overstability of the P3X gives the disc a very predictable flight. It has a consistent fade at the end of its flight so you know where it is going to land regardless of wind. It doesn't have a lot glide so if not thrown at a fast speed it will fall like a rock out of the sky. 

Fast Arm Speeds | Advanced to Open Players

Great throwing putter for off the tee with a consistent fade that you can control distance with very well. 

Slow Arm Speeds | Beginner to Intermediate Players

The stability of the P3X might be too much for beginners or rec players. It could be used as a forehand putter or a utility disc for shots where you need the disc to hit the ground and stop. It would be a great upshot disc from about 100 ft away form the basket. 

Look and Feel

The profile of the P3X is rounded and connects to a board flat flight plate. The bottom of the rim is beaded and the rim depth is medium. Not to shallow, not too deep. 

The S-Line Plastic is smooth and durable, similar to driver plastics. 


Fast Arm Speed


When thrown flat the P3X flew dead straight for about 80% of it's flight and then had a consistent fade having the disc come to rest about 10 feet from where it touched down. 


When thrown on a hyzer the P3X held the angle that it was released on and had a consistent arc to it's flight. The disc would hit the ground at around a 45° degree angle and sit where it hit the ground. 


When thrown on an anhyzer the P3X would fly for about half it's flight in the direction of the anhyzer angle and then the disc would slowly S pattern back to a hyzer angle before landing the ground. If thrown high and on a hard anhyzer angle the disc would pan out and land nice and flat on the ground.

Slower Arm Speed | Beginner


With a slower arm speed, the P3X will be VERY stable. Meaning it will want to turn to the left (for right handed back handers) and it will not glide very much. 


The P3X could be a good utility disc for slower arm speeds if thrown on a hyzer angle. It won't fly very far but it will hit the ground an almost perpendicular angle. A shot like this will be great for landing a disc on a hill side to avoid the disc from rolling. 


If you want to get distance out of the P3X the anhyzer angle is probably the only way you are going to do it. The disc will probably go straight for about 10% of it's flight then fight all the way back to a hyzer angle and hit the ground. 





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