Utility Disc Golf started as a way to give insight into how discs fly.  Buying your first disc can be intimidating.  Looking at a wall of discs and trying to understand flight numbers can be a lot to take in.  Our team of Flight Testers are here to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with purchasing a new disc for your bag.

Bryce and Lou

Bryce Dachtler

Bryce started playing disc golf in early 2020 during the pandemic. He played a few times before becoming hooked. What started as a way to exercise his dog Louie, quickly became a new passion. 

  • Max Distance Throw: 300ft
  • Favorite Discs: Essence & Origin
  • Primary Throw: Left Hand Back Hand

Alfred Gonzalez

Alfred has been supporting Utility Disc Golf from the start. You'll see him on Facebook groups buying, selling, and trading discs all the time.  He's a true plastic addict that loves testing new discs. 

Alfred Gonzalez
Founder image

Sean Dachtler

Sean picked up disc golf at the same as his brother Bryce. Even though they live in different states they still share their passion for the game. Sean is a Teacher by day and a student of the game. He enjoys working on his form and testing new discs to see what fits his game.

  • Max Distance Throw: 380ft
  • Favorite Discs: Enigma & Mako3
  • Primary Throw: Lefty Backhand