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New disc golf players quickly realize that making a disc “magically disappear” is much easier than they would like to admit. Fortunately, Discmania’s slower speed, over stable fairway driver ‘The Magician’ should help prevent this from happening. The magic here is in the predictability of the disc's flight pattern relative to your arm speed. For me, it consistently held the angle that I threw it on. It seemed to want to fly straight with a predictable fade out at the end. There’s value in predictability. 

My own arm speed is admittedly not very fast. I tend to max out at around 300 feet when throwing for distance. This “domey” disc is a speed 6 with turn 0 and fade 2 that creates its overstable nature. While the glide is rated at a 4, I would say the disc really doesn’t  want to stay up and glide through the air all that much (despite its “dominess”). The one exception here is when thrown into a headwind, and in this case its fun to watch this disc perfectly hold its line and float on the updrafts. 

I threw the Magician in Discmania’s Active Premium plastic. This is the upgraded version of the active basic. In playing disc golf for the past year, I have fallen in love with Discmania’s premium plastic molds. They definitely hold up longer from being beaten in, especially when you shank the occasional drive into an unlucky tree. The Magician has a narrower rim as compared to other Discmania fairway drivers such as the Essence and the Instinct. This was welcome to my smaller hands. However, I can’t say the “dominess” was my favorite as it made my forehand grip a bit awkward. 

So where does this disc fit in your bag? I would put this disc squarely between a true mid range and a driver. Off the tee box, I would pull this out for shorter tunnel shots in the woods where I need it to hold straight or keep on a hyzer line. I might also use this on those “in between” open fairway shots where I didn’t quite get enough distance out of the box, but normal approach putters or mid range won’t cut it. This use case would be particularly true on a windy day where I know my less stable discs won’t cut it. I think this disc is best for back hands and its stability really allows it to hold up to some good snap. Your forehand mileage might vary, but I could see pulling it out on the occasional windy approach shot. 

In conclusion, the best part about this disc is its predictability. As an intermediate player myself, I want to know what my discs are going to do and how they hold up to my arm speed. I think the Magician serves as a great transition disc for those looking to throw more stable discs. For more advanced players, I think it would help you find that “in-between” disc for your midranges and drivers. This disc will definitely find its way into my own bag and likely save a few strokes on those windy days. 

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